What is the Rocket Panda?

What is the Rocket Panda?

October 15, 2020

What is Panda? Why is Panda? We often find ourselves asking the same question.

Rocket Panda Games has been long in the making, but I daresay that time pales in comparison to the anticipation of getting your paws on the Phantom Breaker fighting game. You have waited. You have been patient. And we are ecstatic to bring you Phantom Breaker: Omnia, the first of many amazing games.

If you thought for a moment that based on our name, Rocket Panda Games (RPG), we don’t take ourselves too seriously…then you’d be right. RPG was created by two industry veterans, M. Panda and G. Panda, in order to restore balance in the development-publishing universe and have a good laugh along the way.


This panda can often be found lurking in the shadows. Like a ninja…a ninja-panda, who was deceived by the promise that launching a company equaled an all-you-can-eat bamboo buffet. He appreciates a good video game (though he may suck at it) and savors the thrill of finding the perfect game with the perfect business model.


Don’t be fooled by this panda’s lovable and cuddly appearance. If you find yourself LOLing from our Twitter feed, chances are high G. Panda had something to do with it. A social creature by nature, he can juggle any SNS, platform, or media, all while curled up in his trademark black and red den.

We have a lot we want to deliver to fans, and today’s launch is just the start. We are driven by the idea that there has to be a better way to discover awesome creators, bring their projects to life, and launch them into the world with a fighting chance to be seen. Our commitment is to bringing unsung indie games center stage in ways that haven’t been done before:

• Simple – one binary, complete package (or as close to it as we can get)
• Accessible – as many consoles and languages as we can
• Timely – simultaneous global launch
• Same – different regions, same content

But developing games and bringing them to storefronts is just half the battle—changing the way fans interact with publishers and developers is the other. Memes? Check. Responding with ridiculous GIFs? Done. Making fools of ourselves with the fans? Please…

We’re here to close the gap and blur the boundaries between fans and, well, the fans who happen to be making games.

Rocket Panda Games is in the business of fun.



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